Cenegenics Reviews And Complaints

You may have seen some commercials showing a very ripped 72 year old named Dr Jeff Life who has changed his life thanks to the age management techniques performed at anti aging clinics called Cenegenics. At 72, Dr Life has the body of a 30 year old.

Cenegenics promises to help you live well longer with science using hormone replacement therapy or HRT.

Since millions of baby boomers and countless others are interested in staying young and looking younger than their age, this type of “fountain of youth” is in high demand.

Who wouldn’t want these kind of antiaging benefits:

youthful energy
-improved libido
-lean muscle mass
-reduced body fat
-sharper thinking
-stronger immune system
-an ability to manage stress
-a vibrant life and well-being

These are just some of the many benefits Cenegenics clinics around the country offer. You can find Cenegenics clinics in New York City, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Carolinas. And this all comes at a high cost.

There are plenty of Cenegenics reviews and many Cenegenics complaints online from the news media and customers who have tried the antiaging treatments offered.

Not only will you get HRT in the form of HGH injections and testosterone injections, buy they will also work with you on eating right and getting regular exercise.

Before you start any HRT, you will undergo a complete medical workup. Here is some of what you will have to pay for:

“full body scan, bone density test, EKG, brain testing, strength, cardiovascular, body fat, physical alignment among others.”

And this is usually not covered by health insurance. You will have to pay out of pocket for this medical testing. One quote put this day long evaluation and labs at $4000.

This would probably seem to be one of the biggest Cenegenics complaints. It costs too much and is only affordable for the rich and well off.

You can also expect to pay around $1000 a month for follow up visits to make sure the treatments are working.

Many of the Cenegenics reviews show positive changes from these antiaging treatments.

Maybe this is because not only will you undergo human growth hormone and testosterone treatments but you will also be required to change your exercise and eating habits drastically to feel better, more energetic, and clear-minded. You could do this on your own – eat better and exercise regularly to get many anti-aging benefits.

If you have the resources to do this Cenegenics (http://www.cenegenics.com/) promises you can live a long and healthy life. At a cost of up to $4000 to start and $1000 a month for follow up visits and blood work.

Or you could develop the health aging habits on your own and add some supplements like Sytropin HGH instead.