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"Performance Enhancing Drugs - Are They Good or Bad?"

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Why Do Professional Athletes Use Performance Enhancing Drugs And Risk Their Careers?

Basically, performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) are very popular in sports. As the name implies, they actually enhance your physical performance. This is very much applicable to people who are active in sports especially the professional players. However, great issues are encircling the usage of this kind of drug in sports. A lot of discussions and distress are hovering around this topic. There are a lot of different types of performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids and Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

For a lot of people, the usage of this kind of drug is more like cheating. Most of the sportsmen today are using these but they do not reveal it in public because it will create an issue to them. These drugs can probably improve your performance but people are discouraged to even try out these drugs. So why are the players prohibited from using this kind of drug?

First, the people who actually use this missed the point of the sport. When you are playing sports like boxing, basketball, football and others, your main goal is to enjoy the game. Of course you will have to be competitive but not to the point that you will still need enhancers just to win a game. You actually missed the main point of the sport which is to have fun. Using enhancers is more like cheating because it is not you who is playing on the field. The satisfaction that you can get from your victory will not be as sweet as the others since you do not know how much your victory is and how much has been injected.

Second, people who take this kind of drug have just admitted that they are already defeated. One of the things that make an athlete is their determination to pursue their dreams and to overcome the achievements of others. However, because of enhancement drugs, the athletes already forgot hard work and determination. They just rely on PEDs without thinking about the days and months of training that they undergone. Using drugs will only show that you already surrendered. You only cheated yourself in thinking that you actually overcome the obstacles.

Third, these drugs are not yet proven to be more effective than long and hard training. There is no supportive study that indicates that enhancers can consistently produce performances more than the best training and preparation. You must keep in mind that nothing can be obtained over night so drugs like these cannot defeat athletes that undergone rigorous training for many years. You can win for a single game for the season but can you still do it continuously? You cannot use it continuously because of the side effects that this drug can provide.

Fourth, these drugs are considered illegal when it comes to sports and it can turn the whole of a sport into a joke. Using drugs is far from being a true sportsman. It may seem like you are demoralizing the sport that a lot of athlete tries to master. A good example of this is the cycling community in Tour De France. Because of enhancing drug issues, sponsors pulled out their support and police officials became involved in the situation.

Fifth, it can be damage the psychological health of an athlete. They will probably have a hard time being honest when they already tried to cheat sports by using enhancers. They may win a lot of fights but losing a single fight is like getting a lifetime of losses because of the fact that you already used enhancers but you still lose the game.

You can get the benefits of performance enhancing drugs without taking them. You can try an all natural growth hormone releaser (GHR) to stimulate your body to begin producing more growth hormone naturally with no negative side effects such as HGH injections, steroids, or other performance enhancing drugs. They cost a lot less and you can buy these HGH products online.

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